Goodbye guys!
READ: Possibly permanent hiatus | Quitting

I’m doing this for several reasons, the main one being that I no longer have any drive or interest in releasing themes. The other one being that despite how many endless hours I put in, I can’t ever seem to get up-to-par and be good enough as other theme makers are. I’m always far, far behind in level of skill, I can never figure out how to get my ideas to work…it’s just too frustrating. 

There are TONS of theme makers out there and themes out there. And I see time and time again those themes getting thousands of notes while mine go unnoticed. And it’s not like I’m unaware that my themes are garbage, I know they are. I know they’re lacking in so many ways and that’s why people don’t use them very often. It’s why my theme giveaway failed. I am not a good theme maker, like it or not. I will never be up there with the pros. 

So this is where I quit, I guess. My themes will stay up for use, but I am closing my ask box. If you MUST ask me a question, send it to my regular tumblr here. Just do not send it on anon, as any theme questions will be replied to privately. 

Bye guys.