Goodbye guys!

Theme #12: Misconceptions of Me

Static Preview (shows top left version) | Codes are here


  • Optional infinite scroll
  • 500 or 250 width posts
  • Small or large sidebar
  • Small or large posts
  • Round or Square sidebar
  • Round or Square posts
  • Hide/Show captions
  • Hide/Show description (everything below the sidebar image)
  • Hide/Show custom links
  • Black and white or color photos
  • 15 color options
  • Optional post borders

As you can see, lots of mix-and-match options!

I recommend keeping the text for custom links short or else it won’t look as nice. I spent a lot of time using this theme personally to tweak it so everything worked perfectly before posting it, hence my not posting a new theme in a while. 

Please like or reblog if using. As always feel free to send questions or report any issues you’re having.

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